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Launch Committees

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Connect with other members, growing closer in your relationships by pursuing a common goal.

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Reach out with other members to the church and local communities to further the kingdom of God.

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Grow spiritually alongside like-minded members, sharpening one another in the faith.



Are our weekly meetings of fellowship just not enough for you? Are you ready for more? Get connected with the outreach committee and stretch yourself in ways you never imagined. The outreach committee is committed to serving our community and sharing the gospel. If you're ready to step up and reach out in new ways, get in touch with an outreach leader today and we'll plug you in right away!


Remember the first time you came to Launch? There are so many people, and so many things going on that it can be overwhelming. The Welcome Committee is committed to helping new members get connected and feel welcome in our group. If you love people and want to reach out to these new members to help them become part of our community join us now!


So you want to grow in your faith but don't know where to start? This is where the foundations committee steps in and gives you the opportunity to work one on one with a mentor in the faith. Reach out today and we will connect you with a suitable mentor to get you started in the right direction.

Set Up

No ministry would be complete without a solid team to help set up, tear down, and clean up the aftermath of time spent with the Holy Spirit. If you would like to be part of this epic set up and clean up team join us now!

Launch Committees were established as a way to better reach out to, and connect with the local community, as well as stretch and grow Launch members in their relationships, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Be part of something bigger by working out God's commission for us to make disciples, and "Win One More." Are You Ready To Be Different?